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Who puts people in touch with Surgeons who specialise in Cosmetic Surgery, Aesthetic Dentistry including Full Mouth Restoration , Weight Loss Surgery, Hair Restoration, Varicose Veins, Eye Cataract Surgery Abroad

Our Background

For the last 21 years, we have been arranging for people to travel abroad, for Cosmetic Surgery, Gastric Weight Loss Surgery, Aesthetic Dental Treatment, Hair Loss, Varicose Veins, and Eye Cataract Lens Implants.We provide a unique service, giving clients clear, impartial, unbiased advice on where, and whom to go to for quality surgery.  This enables us to provide the unique formula, of world-class professional Surgeons offering the most affordable prices at the same level you would expect in the UK

Superior Quality and Service

Our surgeons have had between 10 – 40 years’ experience in their chosen fields.  All are qualified members of Medical boards in their countries, which have similar level of standards for membership as you would expect here at home.   Most of the Hospitals/Clinics are ISO 9001 accredited – which represents the international standard for quality assurance, which is equivalent to the same level of dependable quality we offer here in the UK, Europe & USA.


Most people are looking for Surgery of a similar or higher quality than offered in the UK.   We ensure that by finding the best Surgeons we can give unparalleled treatments at a cost much lower than the UK.   Our all-inclusive packages ensure your trip is stress free, supervised, and enjoyable at the most affordable prices.

Offering a complete cycle of care – before – during and after your surgery.

What they said about us

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Abroad, Cosmetic Dentistry Abroad, Liposuction and Gastric Bands

By seeking out the  most advanced clinics and hospitals, with Surgeons contributing with their skill, experience and expertise,  we are able to provide the highest quality treatment abroad..